Seaside Roofing Incorporated is a family-owned business in San Diego with over twenty five years of history and we’ve had the same crew for over twenty. That means no matter who shows up on the job site, we take great care in the work we do and always strive to bring you the best roofing care to your commercial and residential roofing projects.

We have been around. We are thorough. We are real roof experts. Just ask our clients.

The Team

Jason Rogers


Lic# 1010098

Jason has been a roofer for over 30 years. After working for the previous owner of Seaside Roofing Inc. for over two decades, he was offered to take over the business. He knows roofing inside and out and he believes in the work that he does and is proud to lead a family owned and operated roofing business.

Bryar Jones-Rogers


Lic# 1010098

Bryar has been overseeing all the operations of Seaside Roofing for over 10 years. She has developed relationships with the Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers and always tries to find the best solution for their needs.

“Having a dedicated crew that has stayed with us over all these years makes us very unique. We can trust our dedicated professionals to get you exactly what you need”

Greg Sisson

All Roofs

Greg has been a dedicated employee of Seaside Roofing Inc. since its inception over 20 years ago. He specializes in clay 2-piece tile but is qualified in all roofing applications. His quality craftsmanship and expertise makes him an asset to our Team.

Dale Weldel

Wood Shake

Dale has been apart of Seaside Roofing Inc. for 15 years. He is a specialized wood shake roof installer. Dale is also skilled at all other roofing applications and has excellent roofing, and repair capabilities.

Ramon Nurse

Flat Roofs

Ramon joined Seaside Roofing Inc. 8 years ago and trained under Jason to become an extremely talented and efficient Flat Roof installer. He has honed his skills and demonstrates his expertise in his quality of work and leak detection ability.

Noe Velazquez

All Roofs

Noe has been part of the Seaside Roofing Inc. Team for over 15 years. He is extremely skilled at shingle roofing application among all other roofing systems. His professionalism and extremely thorough workmanship are what our clients appreciate the most.

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